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About Us

I smoked at least 40 rollups a day for the last 36 years.Maybe a little less in the first few years but to many for too long. Problem was, i enjoyed a smoke. With coffee, after a feed, watching telly etc, and i just had no inclination to quit at all. In fact , it never crossed my mind to stop. Until, one day i was reading a post on a Tech forum im a member of , and one of the guys there started chatting about e-cigs. He gave them such a good review that i decided to buy an ego-t to try it. That was July 2011 and although i never say ive quit, ihavent smoked a tobacco product since then.

So impressed was i with this product that i decided to share my own experience and knowledge with everyone in the same boat i was. So was born DigiSmoke.

We spent months testing sample products from China in order to find the best quality, easiest used and cheapest products for resale. And in our opinion , we have done just that.

DigiSmoke is owned and run by people that use these same products everyday, which means if it aint good enough for us, then it aint good enough for you.


Portadown Store : Digismoke. 36 Church Street. Portadown. Co.Armagh. Northern Ireland BT62 3LQ  Tel : 028 38 334668


Armagh Store : Digismoke. 7 Market Street. McCrums Court. Armagh. Co.Armagh. Northern Ireland BT61 7BW   Tel : 028 37 518400

Returns : Digismoke. Returns . 7 Market Street. McCrums Court. Armagh. Co.Armagh. Northern Ireland